sometimes it can be a good idea to hire rather than buy,
some weddings i have worked where the bride has spent in excess of $25,000 for a dress,
from a mans points of view we are like oh my i could buy a good Harley bobber or fishing boat for that price,
but hey for you ladies its your dream day, so you weigh up the odds,
In Australia an average wedding dress would be in excess of $2,500
where avento sells good quality wedding dresses with an average tag price of $400 – $500.
You can hire a good dress from Avento for as little as $100 thereby giving you more $$$ for your honeymoon, or a house deposit or even your new hubbies birthday present Harley,
just saying..

at Avento our sale prices for wedding dresses are as cheap as hiring a dress

sale price

dress hire and or sales at for wedding dresses and elopement dresses in the latest styles and fashion made to measure and off the rail

read our easyelopement review on the best 5 elopement wedding dresses

We had 2 elopement wedding dresses from Avento at Noosa recently to check them out and see how they held up against expensive wedding dresses of the same style and fashion.
so if your looking for wedding dress hire and sales try avento

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