Photography and video Bigsmiles – Handsome Italian Vincenzo and the lovely Lithuanian Imante married at Mooloolaba beach, they are a lovely couple made for each other, both a long way from there homelands and family, but they have each other and good friends.

as a wedding photographer its always a challenge to try and improve and not get stuck in a cycle of a same same attitude,
because my work is varied this keeps me from developing into a robotic mode

When your assignment is to photograph a wedding on a beach it sounds great and then you like think ok 20 minutes for a ceremony and less than an hour for the photoshoot whilst the newly married couple must also spend time with friends and family.
That’s when it comes home to you that getting the right photos can be the difference of a millisecond in time when you have everything set just right but there’s someone who looks away as you hit the shutter or you forget to ask a groomsman to remove his sunglasses so now you have the lovely bride and groom surrounded by some guys from the movie Goodfellas. which can be dramatic.

photography by Bigsmiles Jeff

Jeff at Bigsmiles – I have been catching the moments of weddings for over 12 years on video and photo.
I have been so lucky capturing special moments in time and i have loved every moment of every wedding.
prior to weddings i worked over the world with sports and as a film lighting gaffer in Bollywood and California
my commercial work website

same day video edit or Livestream

This highlites video below was made the same day as the wedding and uploaded the same day so the family and friends of Vincenzo Back in Italia could see the special day when they wake up in the morning and the same for the Lovely Lithuanian Imante whos family could see there little girl marry her prince.

hardcover book

Included in the package of an elopement , wedding ceremony set up, kombi for travel and photos, photography package all included from $950

front and back hard cover

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