5 best elopement locations Noosa and sunshine coast

Wondering about getting married at Noosa or the sunshine coast, Think Location.
Noosa and the sunshine coast are great locations for weddings or elopements.
If you were buying a property its a big deal, like getting married but no matter what your budget at easyelopements you will get a million dollar wedding or elopement because of the same important element you look for when buying a property.

you must have heard it before and if not then remember the 3 most important things when buying a property

Location, Location, Location

Easyelopements is a group of wedding professionals who between them supply wedding elopements at Noosa and the sunshine coast for a price of under a grand, yes from only $990 weekday weddings.

What do you get in the price.
1. Wedding Location set up with sunshinehire a choice of arbors or Tipis set up for the ceremony
2 Wedding Photographer or wedding videographer for the prep, ceremony and photoshoot, with a coffee table hardcover photo book
3. a Kool kombi to transport you to the ceremony and off to different photo locations locally
4. local experienced wedding professionals happy to have a pre meeting to organise and arrange everything or via skype.

Elopement LOCATION number 1 @ Noosa Woods park,

Location Noosa woods Pros and Cons
as a photographer i love this wedding elopement location, as you can see its very photogenic and thats just scratching the surface of this location, apart from a wonderful quaint small jetty, there’s a small beach and beautiful pathed woodland, and late afternoon the sun drops over by the mountain in the distance.
Pros – Parking can be very good if arrival is early and so long as its not a bank holiday,
the car park to the small beach is under 100 metres
It would be quite possible with wheelchair access and with such a reasonably short distance from the car park makes it viable.
shops to Hastings st are literally a stones throw (couple of minutes walk) for coffee shops, cafe’s, shopping.
Public seating and toilets are very close,
the location is beautiful with the option to arrive by boat for the elopement or to take off from boat after to go to a reception location along the river, there are quite a few lovely wedding reception locations to choose from.
Scenery is great with a late afternoon sunset into the mountains along the river.
Cons – not suitable for larger weddings with high numbers due to parking and location layout and size,
no other downsides to this location

the above video taken at Noosa woods elopement by Ella from Bigsmiles wedding videos part of the easyelopements professional team so as well as having photos by Jeff from Bigsmiles you could have a wedding elopement video and we can even offer you the only professional multicamera livestream wedding video you could find with professional audio and small professional cameras sending your wedding live to multiple platforms at the same time, either a private website on our website or yours and or via facebook or Youtube.

and to continue with the 5 best elopement locations Noosa

Elopement LOCATION number 2 @ Noosa West beach access 14 on the sand

On the sand at west beach this wonderful small wedding elopement with Sona and Steve, this couple both worked for a major airline with Steve being a local boy loving the beach and Sona a beautiful young lady from eastern europe they married here and had a photoshoot at little cove.
It was such a pleasure to be a part of this wedding because you know when you meet people they are not just a good looking couple but they are both lovely on the inside and a perfect match who im sure will have a fun filled life to the full.

West beach at Noosa pros and cons,
pros – parking can be quite good with a large car park with a small path that leads to the sand with this beautiful opening to the beach
lighting is good and sand is lovely plus if you love the surf and surfing this is a popular beach for surfers in the backdrop, the location is great and a few minutes walk to Hastings street for coffee shops restaurants and shops.
Cons – theres no available shade and sometimes it can be windy on an open beach

the above video of Steve and beautiful Sona filmed by award winning Bigsmiles wedding videos

The Elopement above at Noosa west beach access 14 a barefoot on the sand wedding with beautiful Tara and Tory

Elopement Location number 3 @ Maison la plage Noosa main beach

slightly set back from the beach at Noosa and just a short stroll of approx a minute from Hastings street this wedding location calls out classy in a loud voice,
so you can either arrive in the car park at noosa woods and walk along the concrete pathway thats lined with local bush plant life or you can arrive via the middle of Hastings street and walk along the edge of the sand on the timber boardwalk.

Maison la plage at Noosa beach pros and cons,
Pros – Very classy well maintained wedding location, easy access from either a short stroll from the car park at Noosa woods or directly from a local hotel in Hastings street Noosa. Easy to find for all guests unless they started on the wine early then they wont find there way past the door. suitable for weddings up to approx 80 guests, good accessability, wheelchair access.
Cons – Classy yes but expensive at approx double the cost for a permit from the local council – although its at Noosa main beach its more hidden than it should be with plants and bushes hiding the view of the sea and the beach.

Mel and Nick above married at Maison la plage with Bigsmiles as wedding video people it was a pleasure to be there , they really are a fun filled couple always smiling, Nick is a natural in front of the camera because he’s a news reporter and TV weatherman in Sydney.

Elopement Location number 4 @ Hidden Grove Noosa main beach

Hidden Grove is next to Casuarina gardens and nearer to the Noosa woods car park by 1 minute or less than the Maison la plage, which was great for Kelly getting married there to Jarrod as she arrived on a Harley bike, the good news is it costs approx half the price of la plage but has much better outlook of views to the beach and sand, and i think is better maybe for some as it has a surround of trees to protect from the mid day sun.

Hidden grove Noosa main beach Pros and Cons,
pros – good accessability, wheelchair access, Car parking sometimes, the location is almost on top of Hastings street by a 2 minute walk, and half the cost of Maison la plage with better views, tree surrounds help provide cover from the sun and sometimes a windy beach.
Cons – sometimes the council fail to look after this area as with Casuarina gardens which is quite a shame, so it’s a little more down to earth

below Kelly makes an entrance to the ceremony to marry her prince Jarrod

kool kombi taking you to the ceremony and the photoshoot saves time and money, its included in some of the wedding elopement packages at sunshinehire

Above Esther flew in her family from Overseas so she could Marry her Aussie hubby Terry, this young couple were soo happy and fun to be around, they bounced off each other so well.

Elopement Location number 5 @ Casuarina gardens Noosa main beach

Casuarina gardens Elopements

Casuarina gardens is our number 5 in the best elopement locations noosa but it doesnt mean its the 5th best , its 1 of 5 brilliant locations to get married or elope to,
Craig and the beautiful Rebecca get married at Casuarina gardens with the kids as part of the ceremony, flower girls and paige boys.

Casuarina gardens Noosa main beach Pros and Cons,
pros – good accessability, wheelchair access, Car parking sometimes, the location is almost on top of Hastings street by a 2 minute walk, and half the cost of Maison la plage with better views, tree surrounds help provide cover from the sun and sometimes a windy beach.
Cons – sometimes the council fail to look after this area as with hidden grove which is quite a shame, so it’s a little more down to earth

Casuarina gardens

Laura and Tristian with close family elopement at Noosa main beach Casuarina gardens

Sunshine coast weddings beach and hinterland locations

coming to the end of the easyelopements 5 best elopement locations Noosa and id like to say these wedding locations are great and there are other great locations across the sunshine coast so i just want to leave you here with this video of sunshine coast weddings

Easyelopement weddings from $990 (weekdays) includes wedding setup arbor or Tipi rugs, chairs registration table,
Kombi for transport and photos
Photographer or videographer
If you believe you need to pay a lot for a wedding because “you get what you pay for” then please let us know, we are happy to charge you double or triple the amount to make you feel better ,
you will still get the same unbeatable service and award winning photographer with classic car to transport you,
We are just good at what we do with many years experience but we don’t overcharge.

best elopement locations noosa

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