Wedding celebrants noosa sunshine coast and the photo above with Michelle from sunshinehire wedding hire who setup this elopement wedding at noosa

Choosing a wedding celebrant for Noosa and the sunshine coast in general to perform your wedding or elopement ceremony can be daunting as yes your wedding celebrant is a very important part of your big day.

Let me put your mind at ease though, i can honestly hold my hand on my heart and say in more than 10 years of working weddings i have never come across a wedding celebrant that was bad at the job they do.
“O Contrare” they have always been lovely people because thats the nature of weddings and why we love working weddings.
I would also believe wedding celebrants to be good at the job they do because they actually do have some intense training to become an official as it were and would have to be very interested in seeing and meeting people at the start of there married journey.

As a photographer video guy i have never come across 2 wedding celebrants that were or are the same, wedding celebrants are individuals and have there own styles and personalities, i have noticed some similarities between some but this would be because the process of getting married is mostly the same and that works in my favour as a photographer or video guy so i can work out shots and not get caught with surprises, but i would always ask before hand during the initial questions of date times and locations , would there be any special events happening during the wedding ceremony or reception, such as arriving by sea plane or Harley motorcycle or horse etc etc.

Wedding celebrants Noosa and sunshine coast
Michelle Noosa sunshine coast wedding celebrant details click here
Michelle : 0488 122 802

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Michelle Noosa Celebrant: 0488 122 802

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