professional live stream weddings with Bigsmiles and easyelopements

with a Livestream we can bring the whole family to the wedding as it happens.

Let’s Livestream your wedding from as little as $250

Monday to Thursday local $450 and Weekends Bank holidays from $500
as part of a Bigsmiles wedding video package $250 .
more livestream information or visit Bigsmiles wedding videos

We use 2 cameras to film your wedding and 1 camera streams your wedding that can be seen live from any location in the world with internet access.
Recording the video in high quality into the cameras so we can also edit and send you the finished wedding video in 24 to 48 hours.

Bonded connections

a bonded connection is 2 or 3 internet connections that are combined to give a good upload for your video to be professional quality.
the switcher as below allows us to switch from camera angle 1 to camera angle 2 and back and forth to edit live.
this is a small set up with discreet small pro cameras and no cables.

This Livestream wedding for a beautiful Sri Lankan couple Ashen & Kalshani was bonded with 3 netwroks giving an upload of 15Mb data rate, this was helped by the Golf club allowing us to utilise the WiFi as well as us using Telstra and Optus combined 4G

Multiple cameras

we can use multiple cameras through our vision audio mixer and cut live from one camera to another,
using video senders means we are wireless, cable less and safe sending video to the mixer before uplink so theres no contact or close encounters.
Mostly we use one roaming camera for weddings with a second camera usually fixed as in this example below

We can live stream any event within reason so long as we can get a connection,
we have been live streaming major events for many years, mostly sports events from football to boxing and MMA titles
we even livestreamed arm wrestling championships on the gold coast,


because we use multiple connections to send the livestream wedding video, the quality is professional grade HD.

We deliver the livestream wedding video direct to your own private page – or we can deliver to your Youtube channel

Tess and Lee got married at Noosas’s Hidden Grove wedding location on the beach,
We live streamed the wedding for the family of Tess who live in New South Wales and could not come across the border

from Tess and Lee
 Hi Jeff, 
We can’t thank you enough for all that you did to make our day so special. You helped facilitate my parents being part of our special day, and we’re beyond grateful!
Thank you for now putting your footage into a video for us. We will sit down tonight and watch it together – we can’t wait!
Thank you again.

Tess & Lee
Monkey & Mum

this is what we did for Tess and Lee who married at Noosa

we set up your web page that you can send out to family a few days before the wedding with a countdown to the day

Where can our friends and family view the wedding?

We set up a private web page on and you can announce this web page months in advance as we will schedule the Livestream.
Here is a standard example –
We can also send you the scheduled link/embed code if you want to embed into your own wedding web page.

Livestream your sports event

Multiple professional cameras livestreaming through a video switcher and using a bonded network connection for high upload speeds and reliable performance.

contact us for a price – Jeff 045515